Patented Smart Photon Infrared LED Light Therapy High Frequency Vibration 12,000times/min Hot & Cold Galvanic Device (AU Stock)

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Patented Smart Photon Infrared Light Technology and Red Light Therapy + High Frequency Vibration 12,000times/min + Hot & Cold Mode + Galvanic Device (AU Stock)

Latest Patented Innovation For The Ultimate Face & Neck Lifting Beauty Device

Key Features:

REJUVENATION Mode - Unlike many other devices, this amazing smart photon beauty device comes with BOTH Infrared Light & Red LED Light ~ so you can experience the powerful and rejuvenating benefits of both wavelengths in one single device, in addition to its many other multi-functions and light therapies.

Infrared light is invisible and is effective for use on the skin and it penetrates deeper ~ approx 1.5 inches. Meanwhile, Red light is visible and is most effective for use on the surface of skin. Red light with warm temperature of about 40 degrees Celcius strengthen cell vitality, promotes growth of fibroblasts and collagen, enhance blood circulation. This has significant benefits to help reduce appearance of fine lines, saggy skin, melanin deposits and moisturising effects for the skin.

CALMING Mode - Blue Light with cold compress of approximately 19 degrees Celcius increase cell metabolism, promote micro-circulation on skin surface and help lymphatic drainage. It has smoothing and balancing effects on the skin.

NORMAL Mode - Green light combined with vibrating massage promotes collagen synthesis, activate the skin, improve sagginess and refine pores. It also will improve oily and sensitive skin.

SONIC Vibration Massage of 12,000times/minute, penetrate deeply into derma skin, activate skin, promote blood circulation and moisturising skin.

Hot & Cold Mode for smoothing fine lines, skin tightening and 3D face shaping when combined with Red light and Blue light therapy.
40 degrees Celcius Infrared Light & Red Light contributes to Warm lead-in & high frequency vibration promote skin care products absorption. 

NOTE : This Face & Skin Smart Photon Rejuvenation Beauty Device is PATENTED

Beware of Copycat devices which has NO Patent !

General Reminder :

As with all electronic devices, we recommend to use it as per the suggested timing in the instruction manual. When using the device, you will feel very comfortable, especially the warm massage vibration will help relax tensions. To maintain long-term function of the motherboard circuit, we recommend that the device is not overused and be given some “rest” before switching from one mode to another mode (for example: switching from warm mode to cool mode for the anti-aging face lifting device). This will help protect the motherboard and lengthen the enjoyment time.

Most of our device (such as this Face & Neck Care Hot & Cold Beauty Device), the engineers had mindfully designed automatic switch from one mode to another mode, at approximately 3-minutes interval and the cycle will automatically stop after 9 minutes.

The device is NOT waterproof. Please do not wash it. Gentle clean with a cloth.

Choice of colour (black/white) will be randomly picked depending on availability.

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