Nano Atom Cool Mist Hydration Spray or Sanitizer Spray (AU Stock)

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Nano Atomization Mist Facial Spray For Cool Mist Face Hydration or Sanitizer Spray (Rechargeable) - AU Stock

Nano Mist Facial Spray applies nanotechnology to break down water particles and generate ultra fine mist of 0.3 - 0.5 micrometre. Nano mist can penetrate deeper into the skin than normal water mist for deeper face hydration. Nano mist can also enable skin treatments like masks and moisturizers to be absorbed and penetrate deeper into the skin.

Super fine cool mist can also help soothe the sunburnt area, encouraging healing. Misting your skin frequently helps keep your skin well hydrated and counteract the drying effects of a sunburn, air-conditioner, drying winter etc.

Hydration calms the skin, control oily skin balance and may have effect of tightening pores due to deeper skin hydration.

Feature: Metal detection at the bottom, can measure skin moisture data.

Spray time: 61-120 seconds

Capacity: 30ml

Package includes: 1 x Face Hydration Sprayer, 1 x  USB cable, 1 x box

## Can be used as Sanitiser Nano Mist Spray (when filled with the sanitising solutions).

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