Non Magnetic False Eyelashes Kit (3 Pairs) + Patented Magic Liner. No Glue ! (AU Stock)

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Latest New Style Eyelashes ~ No Glue !!! No Magnets !!!

iAgeless Non Magnetic False Eyelashes Kit (3 Pairs) + Patented Magic Liner + Mascara + Eyelash Curler (with Silicone Replacement Pad) - (AU Stock)

Amazingly Quick & Easy For Everyday Use

3 Different Lash Details:

Diamond ~ 16mm (love the glam !)

Allure 943 ~ 12mm (captivating alluring for all events)

Charm 856 ~ 13mm (beautiful charming all day)

Length 30mm (yes, you can trim it)

Reusable up to 25-30 times

Package Includes:

1 x Magic Eyeliner, 3 Pairs False Eyelashes, 1 x Mascara, 1 Eyelash Curler

What is Magic ?

Magic Liner is the success of five years of R&D and with thousands of testing times, this is a new patented "trick" for easy makeup, yet captivating.


Although magnetic lashes have set you free from messy glue, some may find it not always easy to put on.

This Magic Eyelash Kit is invented to make things easier. Simply draw the eyelines with our Magic Eyeliner and just put on the eyelashes directly without glue or magnets.

It's a 2-in-1, you get your perfectly outlined eyes with lashes just sticks on !!!

How amazing that is !

Glue-Free !

The acrylates/octylacrylamide copolymer is the secret to do the trick. It's a mild and skin-friendly ingredient that makes the eyeliner adhesive for the eyelashes to stay on. It's adhesive like honey but without any kind of glue.

(## For people with sensitive/allergic skin, please do skin patch test before use).

Easy To Remove

Gently take off the eyelashes and wipe the eyeliner with cotton pad and cleansing water or as you would with removing make up. No hassles with glue or magnets !

How To Use ?

Before Use

1) Shake the eyeliner pen prior to use

2) Press the button on top of the eyeliner until it clicks

3) Leave it for about 5-15 min until the eyeliner tip is filled with the liquid (you just need to do this for the first time).

How To Apply ?

1) Shake the liner pen before use

2) Apply the eyeliner and wait for it to dry (it takes a few seconds to form the adhesive film)

3) Apply the false lashes. Voila ! Done !

How To Remove ?

1) Gently take the eyelashes off and store them properly

2) Use makeup remover to remove the eyeliner

How To Clean ?

Use water or makeup remover to remove the makeup residue on the lash band with cotton bud (Q-tips) after use

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