Ultrasonic High Frequency Deep Cleaning Exfoliation Device (AU Stock)

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iAgeless 24,000Hz/sec Professional Ultrasonic High Frequency Deep Cleaning Blackhead Remover & Exfoliation Device

Water is atomized by high frequency ultrasonic vibration and the pores and dirt are "loosened up & shakened into small particles" without harming the skin, thus enabling deep cleaning, removing dead pigments, skin cells and dirt, providing gentle exfoliation even on sensitive skin.

Ultrasonic skin massage promotes blood circulation, lymphatic metabolism, skincare nutrition lead-in and skin tightening effects.

Enhance regenerative ability and permeability of skin cells.

Instant skin smoothing effects.

Premium high quality, safe, non-allergenic device.

Portable elegant device, easy to use by just pressing a single button

How to use ?

a) Ultrasonic Cleaning Mode - Keep your face moist. "Shovel head" curved down onto the skin. Move the "shovel head" slowly in outwards direction - please note the direction of the probe must move opposite for cleaning method.

b) Ion Export Mode - After cleaning the face and apply lotion, for ion export mode, tilt the "shovel head" 45 degrees inward skin and slowly moving the "shovel head" down along the contours of the face to lift skin surface residue.

c) Negative Ion Introduction Mode - Spread toner, lotion or skincare products evenly. With "shovel head" outwards, gentle move the probe upwards i.e. from jaw to ears direction.

d) Skin Care & Firming Mode - After cleansing, apply the cream on the back of the "spatula/shovel head", touching the skin and clinging onto the contours of the face, move the spatula/shovel head slowly to increase skincare products absorption.


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