EMS Microcurrent Breast Firming Body Shaping Massager (AU Stock)

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EMS Microcurrent Breast Firming + Body Shaping Beauty Massager

EMS refers to low-frequency microcurrent. Microcurrent can gently penetrate the muscle layer, stimulates the muscles, tightens & lift skin and improve skin elasticity

The massage head component is made up of 24 soft silicone balls, which feels the same like professional masseuses, stimulates activity in blood circulation

Benefits of using this device: Muscle Massage, Improve Blood Circulation, Promote Collagen Production, Firming & Lifting Effects

9,000 times/min vibration, with LED light

Red light therapy vibration massage stimulates blood circulation, clear the massaged areas and expel toxins, preventing premature ageing and chest/breast skin sagging.

42 degrees Celcius heat promote lymphatic drainage and activates cell renewal

Powerful iontophoresis function imports nutritional essence, promote nutrient absorption.

EMS Microcurrent and one button control in Four modes :

First Mode: Massage/Relieving Mode (Red Light/Vibration) ~ Helps firming and maintain fullness of breasts. This function also relieves stresses and improves lymphatic drainage around the area.

Second Mode: Lifting Mode (Increasing vibration - 2 short vibrations & 1 long vibration). Flash in red light. 47 degrees Celcius heating temperature (+/- 5 degrees). Helps lifting the breast area and saggy skin  (kindly refer to the schematic diagram)

Third Mode: EMS (Weak microcurrent) & Red light. EMS Electric Muscle Stimulation is akin to "exercising the muscles" around the breast areas. Just like any muscles in our body, this function is like a "gym session" keeps breasts healthy, firm and full. Red Light enhances collagen production.

Fourth Mode: EMS (Strong microcurrent), Red light and 47 degrees Celcius heating temperature. EMS Electric Muscle Stimulation is akin to "exercising the muscles" around the breast areas. Just like any muscles in our body, this function is like a "gym session" keeps breasts healthy, firm and full. Red Light enhances collagen production.

Brilliant ergonomic circle design, fitting the chest line closely

This massage device has a two-minute automatic switching mode, which can also be used for body shaping, a non surgical therapy & microcurrent promotes nutrients lead into the skin.

USB rechargeable, easy to use.

Important: This device is not suitable for pregnant women, women who are still nursing. Do not point the light at the eyes. Not suitable for patients with cardiac pacemakers or patients who doctor consider inappropriate to use electric current products.

Do not dismantle or modify the device as it will cause damage and circuit fault Keep out of reach from children

General Reminder :

As with all electronic devices, we recommend to use it as per the suggested timing in the instruction manual. When using the device, you will feel very comfortable, especially the warm massage vibration will help relax tensions. To maintain long-term function of the motherboard circuit, we recommend that the device is not overused and be given some “rest” before switching from one mode to another mode. This will help protect the motherboard and lengthen the enjoyment time.

Most of our device, the engineers had mindfully designed automatic switch from one mode to another mode. For this EMS device ~ 2-minutes automatic switching mode. 

Note: The device is NOT waterproof. Please do not wash it. Gentle clean with a cloth.


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