Radiant Eye Device For Eyebags & Fine Lines Massager. Blue & Red Light Therapy (AU Stock)

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Radiant Glow Eye Device For Eyebags & Fine Lines. Blue & Red Light Therapy (AU Stock)

Vibration frequency of 158 times/sec

Three-Dimensional Smoothing Fine Lines and Reduce Eyebags

It's not only massage, this device provide you with a comprehensive skin care plan

Tightening eye bags, lifting and firming, improve fine lines, reduce dark circles and effectively lead-in skin care nutrients, moisturising, activate collagen production, skin firming effects, repair and prevention of premature ageing benefits.

Product Features:

Use electric magnetic current and ion lead-in hyaluronic acid into skin by 5mm, moisturising eye circle and brightening effect

Blue light wave and red light wave effectively penetrate into skin, increasing skin elasticity around eye circle area

Dual Mode

a) "Massage" mode gives high vibration frequency 7,000 times/min, activating skin, relieving skin fatigue, help reduce puffiness and skin firming benefits.

b) "Magnetic heat lifting" mode gives high vibration frequency 13,000 times/min with 45 degrees Celcius magnetic heat therapy (which takes only 3 seconds to heat up), repairing and smoothing signs of fine lines.

High frequency vibration improves lymphatic drainage, relieves fatigue skin, and prepare good skin foundation for subsequent skin care products absorption effectively.

45 +/- degrees Celcius magnetic heat treatment stimulates the skin, increase the elasticity of skin, smoothing fine lines and to assist skin absorb nutrients efficiently.

Blue Light Mode - Calm Skin

Activate the skin & relieve fatigue. Reshape the eyes contour, skin firming and improve elasticity

Red Light Mode - Brightens skin

45 degrees Celcius heat therapy stimulates circulation and repair signs of fine lines

Brilliant comfortable ergonomic design, it's mini, handheld, portable and can be used anywhere anytime.

Recommendation: Continue use for 6 weeks, 5 minutes each time, 95% of users feel the change.

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