LED Light Therapy Face Mask (Wireless) ~ Three Therapeutic Red, Blue & Yellow Lights (AU Stock)

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iAgeless Photon LED Light Therapy Face Mask (Wireless) ~ Three Therapeutic Red, Blue & Yellow Lights (AU Stock)

This LED light therapy mask has been innovatively designed for lightweight comfort and ease of use with spectacles-like ear handles. And it's wireless & incredibly light on the face !!! No more cumbersome wire or cable attachments !!! Total freedom of movement at the comfort of your home, while simultaneously pampering and rejuvenating your skin. Amazing device and arguably the BEST investment for your skin !

LED lights has specific wavelengths to treat different skin problems. Each colour of light can resolve common skin concerns. Scientifically proven to rejuvenate skin and prevent premature ageing. Get that beautiful Glow now !

This LED Photon LED Facial Mask comes with 3 different colors for skin rejuvenation, an innovative approach to resolve skin problems (such as skin tightening, smooth fine lines, acne treatment, lighten skin spots and blemishes).

It works to emit the different natural LED-light waves that penetrates into the skin, producing energy which is absorbed by skin layers, that will improve complexion, reduce acne, promote collagen production, firm and radiant skin.

3 Colours Therapeutic Light for 3 important therapies

#Skin Tightening #Acne Treatment and #Smoothing of Fine Lines 

Red Light (625-635nm) - The most powerful light for stimulating blood flow circulation, promote collagen production which benefits skin's elasticity. Amazing all encompassing benefits ~ slows signs of ageing, lightening spots, repair skin, smooth fine lines, shrink pores and revitalises the appearance of your skin. Perfect for sun damaged skin or mature skin.

Blue Light (410-420nm) - Targets acne bacteria beneath your skin, anti-inflammatory effect, efficiently minimize and heal acne, repair skin, lighten scarring, as well as calming sensitive skin and tightens skin

Yellow Light (590-620nm) - Improves oxygen in the cells, helps skin brightening and pigmentation and sun damage. Promote lymphatic drainage, smoothing skin, improve skin texture, lighten fine lines and reducing appearance of redness.

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