Patented Electric Gua Sha Facial Massager & Light Therapy Device For Face & Neck Care. High Frequency Sonic Vibration 12,000x/min (AU Stock)

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PATENTED Face & Neck Care Beauty Device

Timeless Beauty ! Your elixir to youth & beauty !

CHANGE your skin's future !

New innovative technology instrument designed to firm and brighten skin, facial muscles and smooth fine lines.

Warm heat and high frequency electric vibration "Gua Sha" acupressure massage aimed for face lifting and skin tightening effects.

6-in-1 Multi-Functional Face Therapy Massage Device

360 degrees rotary massage effects with different functions:

- to brighten eyes, promote blood circulation around the eyes which is aimed to reduce appearance of fine lines, eye bags and dark circles.

- to reduce face puffiness and improve skincare nutrients absorption

- to reduce appearance of forehead lines

- to massage and contour V-shape face and reduce appearance of double chin

- to relieve fatigue in the scalp

- warm facial massage and general massage relief for the hand and body channels

Two Modes, controlled by one key:

a) Warm Massage Mode :

- High vibration frequency of 12,000 times/min (to promote the effective absorption of skin care products' nutrients)

- 45 +/- degrees Celcius temperature (aimed to activate skin, promote blood circulation, encourage collagen production and skin tightening effects)

- Positive/Negative Ions

#Negative ions detoxes skin's impurities

#Positive ions plump up the skin, refresh, stimulate and rejuvenate the skin.

- Red Light (therapeutic red light technology is used for skin rejuvenation, lighten scar and wound healing)

b) Massage Mode :

- Vibration frequency of 8,500 times/min

- Positive/Negative Ions

- Blue Light (therapeutic blue light technology is used to improve skin texture, treat inflammations, acne, lighten sun spots and blemishes)

Finger Sensor Single Touch ~ to turn on the device, while the massage head continuously in contact with your skin with active vibrations.

Intelligent Sensor Technology beeps at every 60 seconds cycle. This amazing ergonomic design and texture of the device, rounded and comfortable flat design is easy to control, glides over your skin effectively with ease and gives you a real sense of relaxation and self-worth. The device will automatically adjust to the temperature that is most comfortable.

Recommendation: Use twice a day, 5-10 min each time (together with your AM & PM skin care routine)

a) To contour V-shape face

b) To smooth nasolabial folds and frown lines

c) To benefit from facial relaxation and smooth fine lines

How to use ? (Refer to the Instruction Manual)

a) Clean your skin with appropriate skincare

b) Apply skincare products to the face evenly. "Absorption is key" - Ion application with vibration frequency of 12,000 times/min can effectively promote deeper absorption of skincare products' nutrients.

c) Select suitable mode, then lift the device from chin/jawline or nasolabial area to upwards strokes or massage the facial acupuncture points. 45 degrees Celcius massage mode can promote circulation to help better absorption of the skincare products' nutrients.

How to get 3D V-shape face ?

a) Pressing - Pressing facial acupuncture points with the device to reduce face puffiness.

b) Sweeping - Sweeping the skin along the jawline with the longest curve side of the device, from the chin upwards to the direction of the ears, for face tightening and slimming effect

c) Lifting - Use the shorter curve side to accurately lift the skin and face from the chin to the direction of the ear, to get the perfect 3D V-shape face contour.

This is a must-have face lifting device for your home beauty kit or any beauty salon.

NOTE : This Ms. W Face Lift Device is PATENTED

Invention Patent No: 201610005645.3

Appearance Patent No: 201530379751.4

Utility Model Patent No: 201520762722.0

Beware of Copycat devices which has NO Patent !

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