RF Radio Frequency Photon LED Light Therapy Skin Rejuvenation Device (AU Stock)

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iAgeless RF Radio Frequency Photon LED Face & Skin Rejuvenation Beauty Device

RF is a thermal penetration therapy that has been widely used in beauty care. This radio frequency energy penetrate into the skin's tissues, heating the areas and stimulate and remodelling collagen fiber growth.

Features & Benefits:

Combination of Blue light and Red light therapy may help address many skin problems such as acne, sagging aging skin, lack of collagen, puffiness and skin with blemishes.

RF + Red Light ~ skin tightening and lighten spots

RF + Blue Light ~ purification and deep skin treatment

Ion lead out ~ deep skin cleansing, cleans dirt and refreshes pores.

This RF Jade beauty device uses galvanic treatment to remove excess sebum and dead skin cells from the surface of the epidermis.

Ion lead in ~ warm heating, vibrations, promotes skincare products absorption, helping deeper penetration and skin moisturizing effects.

Exclusive patent with Nature Jade Care Technology. Natural jade skin care & positive ion anion have magical effects in stimulating blood circulation, increase cell metabolism and enhance skin care products performance.

Ultrasonic, Photon Therapy and Galvanic Therapy are all utilised in this "All-In-One" RF device to meet the different needs and skin problems.

Photon Therapy (3modes with 20 LED Lights): Use of 625+-3nm Red light (helps smooth fine lines), 465+-nm Blue light (calm purification effects), 525+-3nm Green light (whitening effects)

Galvanic Therapy: Positive ion and Negative ion

Bio Wave "Micro-Vibration" of 12,000rpm (Note - there is no physical vibration from the device, while some may feel intermittent pulse, but not continuous vibration pulse)

Benefits: For deep cleansing, skin tightening, smooth fine lines, reduce blemishes and pigmentation spots, acne, pimple, reduce puffiness, shrink pores and overall face care and benefits effects.

How to use ?

a) For Cleaning Face - Apply cleaning foam onto the face evenly. Layer the device with a cotton pad, then turn on the device and apply the probe onto face. RF technology with cotton, can quickly open pores and remove dirt thoroughly. Note: Move probe from jaw to ears in upward direction, and similarly for other areas of the face. (**Do not use liquid skincare directly onto the device).

b) Radio Frequency to lead-in nutrients to the skin - Apply skincare products onto face evenly. Let the skincare product penetrate into the skin first - wait till somewhat dry. Then, turn on the device and apply the probe onto face with vibration mode. Move probe from jaw to ears in upward direction, and similarly for other areas of the face. (**Do not use liquid skincare directly onto the device nor when the skin is still wet. Wait for the skincare products to penetrate into the skin first).

c) Radio Frequency - Photon light care (3 modes with 20 LED lights)

1) Red light with vibration mode - promotes blood circulation, lighten blemishes and improve skin texture.

2) Blue light with vibration mode - relaxes skin, lighten blemishes, blotches, scars, freckles, age spots and redness.

3) Green light with vibration mode - calms skin, regulates sebum secretion, promotes cell renewal and repair.


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