LED Light Therapy Wand ~ Extra Wide Powerful Probes. #1 Selling Light Therapy Facial (AU Stock)

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iAgeless Collagen Beauty Photon LED Light Therapy Wand (AU Stock)

LED Bio-wave Skin Care (LBS) System is designed and developed by doctors and engineers and this device is absolutely revolutionary and at the forefront of technology.

Amazing collagen boosting phototherapy LED beauty light for skin rejuvenation, facial toning, skin firming, prevent premature aging, calming and anti-inflammation (blue light targets acne bacteria, Porphyrins).

Four Powerful Interchangeable Light Heads (Red, Blue, Green & Yellow Light) 

Extra Wide Head ~ Treatment Area: 25 square centimetre (saves time, for quick and easy treatment)

Each Individual Head (Probe of different colour) has 48 LEDs Light Intensity


Red light (wavelength 625+/-3nm ; 48 LEDs ): Brightens and evens skin tone, boosting collagen protein, diminishes appearance of fine lines, tightens, firms and repairs damaged skin. Penetrates the deepest, irradiates large volume of cells in its application and provides cells with effective energy absorption.

Blue light (wavelength 465+/-3nm ; 48 LEDs ): Blue light is used for disinfection, treatment of acne or open wounds. It kills acne bacterium from within the skin whilst diminishing inflammation and preventing acne & breakouts. This application is related to its ability to kill certain types of bacteria by means of free radicals that are released in their structure, since bacteria are poorly protected against free radicals, helps in reducing acne and decreases the amount of sebum on the skin.

Green light (wavelength 525+/-3nm ; 48 LEDs): Calms and balances skin tone, this can help break down and prevent uneven melanin (pigment) production. An excellent treatment that leaves the skin even and bright, whilst calming the skin, stimulating the lymphatic drainage system. Aimed to lighten pigmentation, prevent the formation of spots, age spots and keep skin smooth and clear.

Yellow light (wavelength 592+/-3nm ' 48 LEDs ): Relieves irritation and aims to enhance the "immunity" within the skin. It also stimulates the lymphatic and nervous system to rid the skin of toxins and increase circulation. This treatment is best for swollen and sensitive skin.

General Reminder : Refer Instruction Manual 

This device has 3 modes that is set between 12-15minutes and it will turn off automatically or you may press the On/Off button to turn off device.

Gently place the probe according to the 2 pin heads, it's magnetised and will capture the probe easily. To remove by gently pulling the probe and it will be released from the handle.

How to use?

Clean and dry your skin before treatment, sweeping away hair to allow as much direct light exposure as possible.

During treatment, the light should always be perpendicular to the skin, keeping the bio lamps 1.5cm-2cm from your skin.

Generally, shine the light for about 10-15 seconds on one area and move on to the next area. Total approximately 3-5minutes for single use.

Repeat the treatment 2-3 times per week.

After use, clean the probe with a damp alcohol swap and wipe it dry.

Important: Wear the safety goggles provided and/or close your eyes. Do not shine into your eyes directly, but you can irradiate around the eye area. Not suitable for certain skin conditions such as rosacea etc. 

As with all electronic devices, please read & follow the instruction manual, and to use it as per the suggested function and timing outlined in the instruction manual. To maintain long-term function of the motherboard circuit, we recommend that the device is not overused and be given some “rest”. This will help protect the motherboard and lengthen the enjoyment time.

Note: The device is NOT waterproof. Please do not wash it. Gentle clean with a cloth.

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