Infrared LED Photon Light Therapy Wand (AU Stock)

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iAgeless Photon Infrared LED Light Therapy Wand (AU Stock)

Key Features:

Warm 42°C Massage (+/-3 degrees) relaxes skin and promotes blood circulation

Infrared Red LED light therapy, wavelength, visible 624nm, invisible 940nm promotes skin rejuvenation and smooth fine lines

Red LED Light ~ Red lights (625nm wavelength) are high intensity lights, which can offer significant benefits to the skin such as lightening spots, oil control, anti-inflammation, improve skin condition, repair and recondition the skin, slow signs of premature ageing and rejuvenate skin's vitality, promote collagen production, fills and plumps the skin, offering skin smoothing effects and improving skin dryness.

Intelligent Touch-Sensitive Design with 24pcs Infrared LED lights. The touch sensitive feature protects our eyes as the light will only be turned on when the device touches our skin and when it's take away, the light will switch off.

2pcs Magnet Massage helps improve and regulate body functions.

Accessories: Infrared Device*1, Charging base*1, Electric cord*1, User Manual*1

Choice of colour (black/white) will be randomly picked depending on availability.

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