RF Radio Frequency Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation Slimming & Shaping Device. Free Ultrasonic Gel (AU Stock)

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Hot Selling ! iAgeless Svelte RF Radio Frequency + Ultrasonic Cavitation + Red LED Slimming & Shaping Device (AU Stock).  [FREE 300ml Weight Loss Ultrasonic Massage Gel worth $79]

Key Features : RF Radio Frequency, CV Ultrasonic Cavitation & Red LED Light Therapy

RF Radio Frequency ~ Radio-frequency (RF) offers nonsurgical method of skin tightening. It involves energy waves to heat the deep layer of your skin, stimulating collagen production. High frequency radio waves has been lauded for skin tightening and lighten fine lines.

The triangle metal conductive tips radiate radio wave of 500KHz vibrations per second, this high frequency vibration will generate thermal energy activating collagen fiber contraction, attain effects of skin tightening, improving fine lines and increase dermal thickness through continuous regeneration and recombination as time goes by.

The RF intensity of this device comes in 4 levels (weak to strong), which intensity is adjustable to your own preference.

CV Ultrasonic Cavitation is a process where ultrasonic waves is transmitted to the subcutaneous fat layer under the skin. Ultrasound frequency subjects fat cell membranes to strong wave of pressure. Deemed as effective solution, ultrasonic therapy assists in body care and shaping. 

This device produces infrared heat to promote blood circulation underneath the outer skin layer. Another wonderful benefit is that aches and pains are also relieved because of improved blood circulation.

Red LED Light (625nm wavelength) ~ Red lights are high intensity lights. The light therapy can improve skin condition, repair and recondition the skin, slow signs of premature ageing, rejuvenate skin's vitality, promote collagen and offer significant benefits to the skin such as lightening spots, oil control, skin smoothing effects, anti-inflammation and improving skin dryness.

Skin Firming Mode - Use Red and Radio Frequency to reach dermis layer to target fine lines and firm skin

Shaping Mode - Use Ultrasonic Vibration to transmit to subcutaneous fat layers to shape body as well as skin firming

Radio Frequency Mode - RF activates collagen fiber contraction, increases dermal thickness, shrink and tighten skin

Ultrasonic Mode - Warm heat therapy help improve blood circulation and cell metabolism. The high frequency penetrate subcutaneous fat layer. It also enhances skin firming, making skin soft and smooth.

The clever combination of Radio Frequency, Ultrasonic Cavitation and LED Red Light is an amazing device for body shaping and skin tightening.

## Note: This RF device must be used together with gel-based body slimming product to achieve optimal results. The default time setting for each mode is 10 minutes (refer instruction manual). For the same treatment area, you should only massage twice per week (i.e. once every three days). When finish with treatment, apply lotion after 30 minutes.

Special tips:

This device provides four levels of RF function allowing users to adjust to their own preferences. The treatment radiates the feeling of warm sensation on our skin. (The warm sensation varies between different people, some may find it strong or weak). 

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