TIARA Silk Collection (100% Mulberry Silk)

At TIARA Silk, we are proud of our unwavering commitment to quality & perfection, and we relentlessly seek out high-quality, skin-friendly 100% mulberry silk products.

What is Momme in Silk fabric ? Mommes (mm), is a unit traditionally used to measure the quality of silk fabrics. Normally, the higher the momme weight, the more durable the weave, the more luxurious the fabric is, the more suitable it is for "heavy-duty use", and longer shelf-life.

Generally, all silks can be washed and the heavier ones can be washed repeatedly. The heavier the silk, the more opaque it becomes. However, it would be too heavy to put on 25mm silk sleepwear for the night, while 19mm silk sleepwear may not that durable.

Thus, 22mm silk sleepwear is ideal and perfectly luxurious for sleepwear.