EMS Electronic Muscle Stimulation Ultrasonic Cavitation Far Infrared Body Slimming & Shaping Device (AU Stock)

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EMS Electronic Muscle Stimulation Ultrasonic Cavitation Far Infrared Body Slimming & Shaping Device (AU Stock)

3-in-1 EMS Fat Burner Infrared Body Slimming Device
Technology: Ultrasonic/EMS/Far Infrared
Far Infared Wavelength: 8-12um
Working Frequency: 1MHz Ultrasound

A clever innovative device, incorporating three non-invasive therapy methods ~ Ultrasonic, Far Infrared and EMS Micro-current vibration massage.

The Theory:
Ultrasonic Cavitation is a process where ultrasonic waves is transmitted to the subcutaneous fat layer under the skin. Deemed as effective solution, ultrasonic therapy assists in body care and shaping. 

(Ultrasonic cavitation sessions at beauty salons cost hundreds of dollars for a single session! Why pay so much when you can have as many sessions as you want in the comfort of your own home ?)

The EMS microcurrent technology stimulate muscles with passive movement. This movement consumes or burns energy, sugar and carbohydrates of the surrounding tissue. 

Far Infrared has following functions: The carbon fiber bundle surrounding the probe can generate far infrared ray with the wavelength ranging 8 -12μm. It can penetrate deep into skin, boosting skin, activating cells and accelerate metabolism.

This device also produces infrared heat to promote blood circulation underneath the outer skin layer ~ another wonderful benefit is that aches and pains are also reduced because of improved blood circulation.

How to use this ultrasonic cavitation device?

  1. Cleanse your skin before application.
  2. Spread gel-based body slimming product on your skin evenly (apply the product separately in each section to prevent it being air-dried and result in impaired absorbing effect).
  3. Use the low intensity on your face, high intensity can be used in other parts of the body such as arms and legs (adjust to your preference).
  4. Remember to keep your skin moisturized (Note: Gel-based skin care products are recommended as they are more conductive).

ImportantPlease read and follow the instruction manual on how to use the device safely. Do NOT use the device for more than 30 minutes (ideal usage time is 5min-15min) and avoid using on one area for too long.

To achieve optimal results, use this device consistently over a period of time.

## Note: This device must be used together with gel-based body slimming product to achieve optimal results. 

Ultrasonic Massage Gel is available on our website and we are offering 30% off when you purchase the gel together with the device. Coupon code: GEL30 


For the same treatment area, you should only massage twice per week (i.e. once every three days). When finish with treatment, apply lotion after 30 minutes.

Suitable treatment areas: Front of arm, belly, thighs, upper leg, lower leg, waist and hips.

NOT suitable areas: Face, neck, clavicular parts, elbow, wrists, joint parts of the body, knee, ankle, hindbrain, cervical vertebra and feet.

## CV modes cannot be used on Face & Head. Please refer to the Instruction Manual for details on unsuitable treatment areas.

Please stop using the device immediately, when you feel temperature is too hot.

Important: This device is not suitable for pregnant women, women who are still nursing. Do not point the light at the eyes. Not suitable for patients with cardiac pacemakers or patients who doctor consider inappropriate to use electric current products. Do not dismantle or modify the device as it will cause damage and circuit fault. Keep out of reach from children.

General Reminder :

As with all electronic devices, we recommend to use it as per the suggested timing in the instruction manual. When using the device, you will feel comfortable, especially the warm massage vibration will help relax tensions.

To maintain long-term function of the motherboard circuit, we recommend that the device is not overused and be given some “rest” before switching from one mode to another mode. This will help protect the motherboard and lengthen the enjoyment time.

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